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Deep in Thought

I know.
I do.
I'm just kind of overwhelmed right now.
I have so much to think about.
And prepare.
And time seems to be moving so fast.
And going so slow.
But it's going well.
I think.

Life 'n' stuff

Kenni is back at vet, though G-d willing, he should be fine. He popped his sutures and irritated some tissue and they just want to watch and make sure it doesn't happen again. -sob- He'll be staying until Monday, though, which means I miss my kitty T_T

In other news ...
I've been dealing with some internal things lately - which actually has fantastic timing with the arrival of the Lenten season. When things happen, I don't know if I'll be posting about it. On one hand, I can't imagine it being understood via LJ and on the other hand I feel my friends should obviously know what's going on in my life. Not to mention, if I'm to use this journal to any effect I should most certainly attempt to explain such a major life event.

-sigh- That G-d may grant me the gift of explanation ... I never seem to able to explain anything on more than a one-on-one basis. I'm no good with groups.

ETA: Oh, looky, new Monopoly thing. Vote for your favourite cities to be included! Clicky Might I suggest Bucharest? It's currently last -sob- You can vote for up to ten cities a day, every day until the cut off. I'm also voting Jerusalem and Tokyo ...

Bombing in Israel

A suicide bomber attacked Dimona in southern Israel this morning, killing one woman and injuring around ten other people. An accomplice was shot by police.

These things will never stop being shocking to me. It makes me sad to see some people apparently 'get used to it' when we're talking about such a tragedy of human life against human life.

*Everyone* involved needs our prayers. The dead, their families and friends, the people who put that idea into the bombers' heads, the people who are at this moment thinking that the attackers are 'horrible, evil people'. This will not stop until hearts and minds change. This will not stop until humanity embraces a single destiny and sets asides the ridiculous notion that one group can ever be separate from another.

Our pain is their pain, their faults are our faults. If we do not heal each other, we are doomed.

Hijab is awesome ^^

But I haven't gone out-of-the-house yet, so ...

I think it's bringing me closer to my grandmother (mother's mother), which is just an amazing bonus.

The al amira that I bought is sooo comfortable. Endlessly more secure than headscarves. I was afraid that having something around my neck was going to make me crazy, but I'm fine. I feel all snuggly and safe. I'm such a dork ^^

Things are going well right now. John has his direction, my work is going smoothly. I've taken up knitting and crocheting again. I'm cancelling my WoW account, which is actually making me a MUCH happier person.

My 'E' key isn't working very well ... :( Heh.

All right, well, back to work I go.

Free anime

Amazon lure

A bunch of free and cheap downloadable anime over at Amazon.com.
Dubbed, but still. Awesome-ward.

ETA: One ... er ... word? crunchyroll.com

Death, Acting, and People who don't get it

The death
The picket

I'm not sure what to say.

He was an actor I enjoyed. Several of the movies he was in are actually in very memorable moments of my life, so his death ... is a great sadness to me.

He leaves behind a 2 year old who will miss his presence in her life. My heart and prayers go out to her, as I know such a thing is not easy. I have never heard anything negative about him as a person. I love his smile. And his hair. And his voice.

We may never know what happened, but his life was hectic and stressful of his own admission - which is no surprise. He was a very popular and creative actor, very into his work. From all accounts, he never put roles before his family or his own standards/values.

This is a loss to so many. We'll miss you, Heath.

May his soul find what we all seek, peace and blessings be upon him.

And may those who dare to turn a funeral into a circus find some realisation in their hearts that G-d is not the fallible, narrow-minded man-thing they portray It to be. May they hear Its voice and may it bring them healing.


I ordered a hijab.  0_0

An Al Amira to be precise. Plain black cotton. Nice, simple.
I'm looking forward to it, I am. It's shipping from Ohio and should be here this week - inshallah ^^ Maybe? Pwease? Maybe not. Ah well. Maybe.

My grandmother (mother's mother) is a happy lady.
Kenni came home yesterday and has been settling in nicely. He's taking his medicine well, but eating is a bit annoying for him, so we're looking forward to the e-collar coming off when he'll be normal again ^^

Happy days.

Religion, personal spirituality, 'n stuff

So ...
After much everything and with my work and all ...

None of that made any sense.

I think I'm going to be covering my head again. Or, hair, to be more accurate ... I'm already covering my *head*.

I miss it. I miss the feeling of the headscarf.

I miss the way it made me think and feel and focus. I miss the way it helped me remember my choices and my behaviour. I miss the way it made older ladies smile. I miss a lot of things.

And, bonus, it makes both my grandmothers happy. Some other members of my family as well.

So, now I just have to suck up some stuff and do it. Plus, I need a new headscarf ... um ... I won't get into why. Heh ... ^^*

So wish me luck there, or something ... eh ... ha ^^