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Update on Kenni

Kenni came out of surgery yesterday. He got up right away, active and alert and is coming home today or tomorrow!

Keep those prayers going, guys, we still have to make sure this is a permanent solution.

I am very grateful for this outcome, the relief nearly downed me ^^ I can't believe he's finally coming home. Will update again after he's settling in here!

Good News!

They're going ahead with Kenni's surgery based on the $400 we have available to put down.

I want to thank everyone for the support (including that posted over on Johnny's journal!). You're all fantastic and continue to renew my hopes for humanity ;)

Our handsome little man will be going into surgery either this afternoon or tomorrow morning, depending on the vet's schedule. I'll update when we know how it went.
So, basically everyone is telling us to have Kenni put down because the vet doesn't want to set up a payment plan.
There is an organisation that has $400 they'll give us, so tomorrow we have to talk to the vet and see if that's enough down-payment, but from what they've said so far, I don't think it will be.
Rosemary apparently has the money, but doesn't want to spend it on someone else's cat (Julie, I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to tell her you heard that from me). Meanwhile, the local humane society 'can't' help us because Rosemary makes too much money.

In a world where they'll kill something over a payment plan ... I don't know what to do. I always said I would be there if an animal of mine had to be euthanised, I was there for Sashi when she had oral cancer and I was there for Nox when she had leukemia. I don't know if I can see him again just to watch them kill him. This problem seems so stupid and so fixable and so pointless.

I'm going to fall apart, Johnny's going to fall apart ... Kenni has been getting so happy and he went through so much and this is NOT the way he gets to die. I can't do this again, not this close to Nox ... we never even got to pick up her ashes because of that ridiculous move.

I keep praying for G-d's will to play out ... for the best possible situation to come about ... I cannot know, in my state, the order of the Universe, but I cannot imagine this being right ...

I can't understand a vet ... a person who is supposedly dedicated to the well being of these creatures ... would kill one, kill it, not even because he won't get paid, but because he doesn't want to set up a payment plan. Who has almost $2000 lying around? THEY WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO A HUMAN CHILD.

I don't know what else to do. I feel like I'm just waiting. I feel like it's already over. It's almost Monday. What do I do?

More prayers needed

Kenni has been at the vet for almost a week now. They're talking surgery if this next step doesn't work and if that doesn't fix it, there is apparently only one 'humane option'.

Guys ... could you please let me know you read these things? This post and the last I asked for support and nothing has been said yet. I need to know that someone is hearing this. I post and I get no response and sometimes these things are upsetting. I feel like I'm talking into a vacuum even though I have friends who are supposedly reading this. I don't know what else to say.

I need your help, my cat needs your help, my grandmother may well need your help. Please let me know you're out there.

Prayers needed

Hey, guys. The weather in Romania is pretty bad right now and I haven't been able to get a hold of my grandmother. Prayers, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Divine Trinities

I don't understand why ideas of divine 'trinity' are so impossible for some people to grasp. I understand why many people don't believe in such concepts, but the blatant refusal to understand it that I constantly see is just infuriating.

Look around and I'll bet you can find plenty of things that are made up of parts.

And the monotheism issue - Really? We're really telling people what they believe? My hands have five fingers each, but I believe I only have two hands. No, really, I do. Each finger is an important and 'separate' part of those hands though. No really, still only two hands.

This is G-D we're talking about. Theoretically G-D can do whatever the heck G-D wants, so why is splitting into three pieces so hard to believe. Or a million pieces? So people who believe in trinities believe that G-d can do so and each of those pieces is still G-d.

And it really annoys me when 'Religious' Jews can't grasp this concept. Go check out the Tree of Life. G-d manifests Itself through various layers of existence from the purely spiritual to the material. Divine sparks lying around all over the place. No, not the same thing, but still G-d putting Itself out there in various different ways.

If someone believes Jesus is G-d's hand or foot and decides to worship him, it isn't polytheism. If someone decides that Jesus is separate from G-d and decides to worship him, well then yeah, there you go. I have never heard a Christian claim the latter. THEY believe Jesus = G-d in a different form. Leave them alone, stop trying to tell them what they REALLY BELIEVE.

I could list a handful of religious lines from various origins that have similar beliefs. Why is the Christian Trinity so difficult for people? And you know, it's mostly the Jewish community that I see it from. You can think they're wrong, fine, but to tell them they actually believe in more than one god is insulting (both to your intelligence/ability to understand your fellow human beings and to their beliefs).

Dec. 27th, 2007

Romanian is exhausting, but at least I'm getting somewhere. My throat hurts and my tongue is threatening to leave me.

Also, I told my grandmother about the outfit I managed to get my hands on and it makes her a happy lady. I likes it, maybe pics later. She sounded relieved, which ... I didn't realise it meant quite so much to her, so I'm glad I did it. She's also happy that I've been keeping my hair covered.


Jerboa This is the most fantastic piece of news I have seen in ages. Except for the fact that it's endangered, which may kill me. DEAR G-D, save the jerboa!

This year's Hanukkah miracle ...

For those of you who know the story behind Hanukkah, thoughtthestars is officially a Maccabee. I was moved beyond belief and I will be every time I watch the candles burn this year and possibly every year in the future. Say hello to your family for me ^^

For those of you who don't know the story or are still fuzzy on what I'm talking about, thoughtthestars sent us candles for our menorah. I cannot express what it did.
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